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    by Ulrich Krieger



    A re-mix of 'RAW - Desert Towns of Southern California',
    a 5 movement work for electric tenor saxophone, saxophone-controlled feedback and performer-controlled live-electronics (pedals). This remix was made for a short film on Ulrich Krieger by Mathieu Copeland and PH Decrauzat, which is part of a series of short films about musicians performing. The other films are on Alan Vega, Alan Licht, and FM Einheit. All films were shown in Mexico City as part of the Mandala Mental festival, August 2013.


    released September 13, 2013
    The picture to the right is a still from the film by Mathieu Copeland und Philippe Decrauzat.

    Recorded by Riley Reasor; CalArts, ROD; Valencia, CA; April 20, 2013
    Edited by Ulrich Krieger; π-Farm; Acton, CA; June 2013
    Mastered by John Baffa; TV Tray Studio; Simi Valley, CA; July 2013


    all rights reserved



    Ulrich Krieger Los Angeles, California


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